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What would perfect abs look like on you?

Emsculpt Neo Ab Treatments are quick and effective. Delivered in a series of treatments will dramatically increase muscle mass by up to 25% while reducing fat up to 30%! Emsculpt Neo ab treatments are non-surgical and do not include anesthesia or recovery downtime. You resume your normal activities immediately after treatment with the soreness you would have after a minimal workout. The convenience and effectiveness of Emsculpt Neo makes it an attractive option to build muscle and reduce fat without the sweat and time required at the gym.

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Emsculpt Ab Sculpting
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Motivation & Confidence Findings

The physical and mental strength of body empowerment

The latest survey findings among 500+ people interviewed proivided the findings on motivation and self confidence.

From those interviewed, it was asked which area of their body they felt most confident about. 68% said their calves, 37% said buttocks, 28% said arms, 23% said thighs, and 15% said abdoment.

These studies concluded that 80% of how we feel and enjoy life depends on how we feel about ourselves. Emsculpt Neo has proven to help people feel better, not just physically but mentally.

Source: Proprietary Reserach conducted for BTL on behalf of NewBeauty Mgazine, April 2020. Based on 504 respondents.

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Emsculpt Neo Ab Sculpting
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Muscle Mass
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of Body Fat
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Zero Surgery or Anestesia


Blaine M.

The best way to take years off of how you both look and feel.

Comfortable, Painless. I just finished my 4th Emsculpt treatment and I am blown away with the results. My stomach was relatively flat but even after working out for the last 7 years consistently 4x a week I have never been able to get a 6 pack until now I have an 8 pack and it’s not just when I’m flexing in the right lighting like in the past. I definity would recommend this treatment to anyone looking for Body Sculpting.

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7 clinical trials have proven the
following health benefits:

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Weight Loss

You absolutely lose weight with Emsculpt Fort Myers, but it's important to understand that it is not a weight-loss treatment. This powerful device uses focused, intense electromagnetic energy to trigger 667 muscle contractions per minute. This results in a significant number of calories burned, causing weight loss..

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Back Pain Relief

Whether your back pain is located in the middle, lower, or cervical back; Emsculpt helps. The procedure itself is focused on building muscles through contractions to help patients with their reoccurring back pain.

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Increased Metabolism

It has been scientifically proven that this innovative body sculpting treatment increases muscle mass by an astonishing 16%. Even better, with the increased muscle mass comes increased functional strength and increased metabolism. After all, muscle is three times more metabolically active than white fat.

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Mental Health

Few treatments offer immediate results like Emsculpt offers. With each treatment, patients immediately feel improvements directly after each session. This has notably increased happiness and mood of our patients, giving them a feeling of immediate results, even with the smallest of changes, like posture improvements of decreased fatigue during exercise. Most patients are noticing visible results around three months post-treatment, and maintain results with a maintenance plan.

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Burns Visceral Fat

The Emsculpt Neo procedure breaks down both subcutaneous and visceral fat, giving you faster and better results.

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injury recovery

Healing & Injury Recovery

Not only is Emsculpt Neo non-invasive (non-surgical), it requires no anestesia and requires no downtime. It is painless and has zero impact, which means it is highly effective in helping anyone recovering from physical injury, allowing your body to quickly rebuild vital muscle strength while healing.


Designed, manufactured, and patented by a world-leader in medical device technology.

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